Osaka Prefecture and OFIX Multilingual Support System in times of Disaster

 To provide a smooth delivery of support for foreign residents in Osaka Prefecture during a large-scale disaster, Osaka Prefecture and OFIX have formed an agreement to establish an Osaka Prefectural Multilingual Support Center in times of Disasters.
 Based on the agreement, Osaka Prefecture and OFIX will jointly set up and operate the Center when a disaster occurs.

【 Role of the Multilingual Support Center in times of Disaster 】 Image of the Center set up in OFIX ※In the case of a disaster occurring in Osaka Prefecture (Japanese only)

OFIX projects building a support framework for foreigners during disasters
(Japanese Only)

Provision of information about the Great East Japan Earthquake, etc.

We express our deepest sympathy for those affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

【Information on the Support of Osaka Prefecture for Disaster Stricken Areas】
Information on the status of the support of Osaka Prefecture and about the support of Osaka Prefecture Residents for disaster victims is provided. Japanese only)
【Information about the Nuclear Plant and Radiation】
Monitored data and disaster prevention information is provided on the "Disaster Prevention and Nuclear Safety Network for Nuclear Environment" of the Ministry of Education. Japanese only)