Foundation Outline

Corporate Name Osaka Foundation of International Exchange (OFIX)
Representative of the Board of Directors Chairman Hidetaka Yoshikawa
Supervising Government Agency Osaka Prefectural Government, Osaka Promotion Bureau, Department of Civic and Cultural Affairs
Establishment January 25, 1989
April 1, 2012 shift to Public Interest Incorporated Foudation
Aims To promote the internationalization of Osaka Prefecture and to support the international activities of the prefectural residents from every class and level, which will sustain the internationalization of Osaka, as well as strive to contribute to the interational community by creating a system for admitting international students, thereby contributing to the development of Osaka as an international metropolis.
Principal 2,338,688,110 yen
3 Basic Pillars of Activities ①Global Human Resources Development
 With the advancing globalization of the international community, not only
 would support be given for the overseas studies of the youth in Osaka, but
 foreign supporter will also be dispatched to elementary, junior high schools
 and high schools to promote international understanding education.

②Admission of Foreigners and Preparation of Environment for Foreigners
 With foreigner counseling and multilingual support programs as basic
 activities, programs based on the Osaka Prefectural Internationalization
 Strategy Action Program that would admit, make use of and employ foreign
 human resources, such as internationalstudents will be promoted.

③Collection and Dissemination of International Exchange Information
 Gather and disseminate international exchange information and strengthen
 the network with related institutions in Osaka Prefecture.

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