Traffic offenses

[Question]What should I do if I am involved in a traffic accident?

First of all, call 110 to file your traffic accident no matter how insignificant the incident may appear. If you fail to do so, you will not be able to obtain a Traffic Accident certificate necessary to claim insurance payments later. Even if your injury appears minor, it is advisable you go to a hospital just to make sure.  You can consult at traffic accidents consultation services in Japanese.

[Question]I have been hospitalized as a result of a traffic accident. What can I claim as compensation for the damage?

Compensations are taken out from the driver’s compulsory automobile liability or voluntary automobile insurance policy. A compulsory policy, popularly known as “jibaiseki” in Japanese, however, only covers bodily injury for up to 1.2 million yen. Any compensations exceeding this are covered by the driver’s voluntary insurance or “ni-n-i” in Japanese.

If you are involved in a car accident with an uninsured driver or an unidentified driver, and cannot get any financial compensation, you can receive payment from the Government’s Automobile Liability Compensation Business program which compensates you in the same manner as you would be by compulsory insurance.

Advice and consultation on car accident claims is given at the following offices:
Car Accident Consultation by Osaka Bar Association 
Insurance Claim Consultation by The General Insurance Association of Japan 
The Japan Center for Settlement of Traffic Accident Disputes 
(Japanese language only)