Police matters

[Question]My husband was arrested on suspicion of inflicting bodily injury. Can I visit him where he is detained? What is the regular criminal procedure that follows after arrest?

If arrested, he may be detained by police for up to 72 hours on suspicion of having committed a crime. Once his detention is approved by a court, prosecutors can detain him for up to 20 days, during which they will decide whether or not to indict him. During his detention, police and prosecutors question him and prepare an investigator’s record of oral statement, which is written in accordance with his testimony during the investigation. Unless a detainee is prohibited from communicating with outside contact, visitation is not necessarily restricted to your attorney, but sometimes you are only allowed to visit with the presence of an attendant or during a designated timeframe.

A duty attorney is dispatched to the place where he is detained for free of charge only for the first visit. The attorney will explain the future procedures, his rights as a suspect, and make contact with his family. His family and friends can ask for a duty attorney on behalf of the suspect himself.  To ask for a duty attorney, call 06-6363-0080.

[Question]As part of immigration procedures to Canada, I need a police clearance certificate for the period of my stay in Japan. Where and how can I get one?

A police clearance certificate, also known as an "overseas travel certificate” or “criminal record certificate,” can be obtained from the Overseas Travel Application Office of Identification Section of Osaka Prefectural Police Headquarters (06-6943-1234) The service is free of charge but you need to produce your passport, and documents showing that there is indeed a public organizations requesting the certificate and so forth. You should call the Osaka Police Headquarters before your visit for more information.