Senior high school and higher education

[Question]Our child has recently arrived to Japan after finishing junior high school in his country. He can barely speak Japanese. Can he enter a public high school? Does he have to take the same entrance examination as other applicants?

A set of procedures is required to enter a public high school. To take a general course, although he still needs to take the same test as Japanese applicants, Osaka Prefectural High Schools give special considerations to returnee students from China, foreign students and Japanese returnee students from abroad, who meet certain conditions. In the case of a student who returned to/ entered Japan and was transferred to a primary or middle school, the following special considerations are given:
1) extension of examination time
2) non-English dictionaries may be used during the examination
3)”furigana” phonetic symbols written alongside the Chinese characters on academic aptitude test.

For information on public school education, go to the HP of International Student School Life Support Information.
Multilingual student guidance is held several times a year for students with international backgrounds. 

Alternatively the student may want to improve their Japanese language proficiency first by attending a Japanese language school.

[Question]Are there any public high schools in Osaka, which have special admission screening allotments for students from overseas?

There are public high schools in Osaka prefecture which have special allotments for returnee students from China and foreign students, who have been admitted to the 4th grade in primary school or higher in Japan. For details, please see Osaka Prefectural Board of Education High School Division HP.

[Question]Are there any high school/college scholarship programs available to students from overseas? How do you apply for one?

As for scholarships for students planning to enroll in high school and specialized technical college, please refer to Osaka Prefectural Board of Education HP. There are some schools which have their own programs to their students to help cover the school entrance fee and tuition.