Public housing

[Question]I am a divorced woman with children. I want to move from a private apartment with too high a rent to public housing.

Prefectural housing is government-subsidized rental property for low-income families. A foreigner who has completed their Resident Registration can apply if they meet housing eligibility requirements. A certain number of public housing rooms are set aside for single parents with children younger than 20, who live or work in Osaka Prefecture and have an income not exceeding a fixed amount.   

For more details, please refer to Osaka Prefectural Housing HP.

[Question]My wife and I came to Japan to work here. Our combined household income exceeds the standard level for prefectural apartment unit . Are there any other types of public housing we can apply?

Public housing units intended for middle-income households are as follows:

Housing corporation-managed rental units owned by the Osaka Prefectural Housing Corporation are available to people who meet income requirements.

Osaka Prefectural Specified Public Rental Housing, designed for middle-income households, are rental properties and part of the rent is subsidized by both national and prefectural governments. An applicant should meet the following criteria:
①Someone who has other family members to share the room with
②Someone who meets the fixed income level

A foreigner who has completed Resident Registration can apply if they meet the above requirements even if they are not currently living in Osaka. To apply, please contact the Osaka Prefectural Housing Corporation.

Urban Renaissance (UR) Agency provides rental housing for both singles and families on a first-come-first-served basis. No guarantor is required to rent the unit offered by UR, but you need to meet the income requirements. To learn more about UR housing, please contact UR Agency.