[Question]How do I enter Japan?

①If the applicant is entering Japan for the first time, it is necessary to show their passport and an “Embarkation/Disembarkation Card” to the immigration inspector. If the applicant is deemed worthy of admission into Japan, the official attaches a “Permission to Land” sticker to theirpassport. At the same time, the inspector stamps the entry visa as “USED,” invalidating it for further use (unless it is a multiple entry visa). The validity period of an unused entry visa into Japan is three months (single entry), or one or three years (multiple entry), except for in the case of nationals of certain countries, for whom other regulations apply. If the applicant already has a Certificate of Eligibility, they should present it to the immigration inspector as well.

A person who has become a Mid- or Long-Term Resident by virtue of this procedure will be issued Residence Card. Airports including Narita, Haneda, Central Japan, and Kansai International Airports will issue the card. All other air or sea ports will issue certificates stating “Residence Card to Be Issued Later,” and the cards will be mailed to the foreign resident as soon as they have registered their address with the local municipality.

② A person who has a Multiple Re-entry Permit does not need a new entry visa. They should present their passports (with the Multiple Re-entry Permit sticker attached), and an “Embarkation/Disembarkation Card for Foreigners.”

③ For a person who has temporarily left Japan under the Special Reentry Permit System, it is not necessary to obtain a new entry visa if they will be returning to Japan within one year (two years for Special Permanent Residents). They will need to present a valid passport. (The “Embarkation/Disembarkation Card” has a box for indicating an intention to use the Special Reentry Permit System.)

When re-entering Japan, you may be asked to present your Residence Card.

For conditions for Entry, please refer to Immigration HP.