Resident registration system for foreign residents

[Question] I am currently staying in Japan with “Temporary Visitor” status. What if I plan to renew my temporary visitor status to live in Japan for more than three months? I would like to have a Resident Card to use as my ID card.

A Resident Card is issued to a foreign national who is staying in Japan for the medium- to long-term. Those listed below are not issued a Resident Card.

  1. Those who are granted permission to stay for less than three months
  2. Those who are granted “Temporary Visitor” status
  3. Those who are granted “Diplomat” or “Official” status
  4. Those who are recognized by Ministry of Justice ordinance as equivalent to the foreign nationals in the above 1) to 3)
  5. Special permanent residents
  6. Those with no status of residence

Someone originally entering Japan with “Temporary Visitor” status isn’t issued a Resident Card even if they end up staying in Japan for more than three months by renewing their “Temporary Visitor” status.

[Question] Do I simply notify the authorities of the change of address at the city office in the new city, as I used to, when I move to another city? What kind of procedure should I undertake when I move overseas?

You need to submit a “notification of moving-out” to your current ward/city office. Once you move into a new city, you need to submit a “notification of move-in” to your new ward/city office within 14 days of moving in. What you need to submit at that time are your Resident Card/Special Permanent Resident Certificate, and a “moving out notification certificate” that was issued at your former city/ward office. Changing your address in the same city/ward still requires a “notification of change of address” at your city/ward office within 14 days of your move. 

When you move overseas, you also need to submit a “notification of moving out” at your city office. In this case, however, no “certificate of moving out” will be issued to you. When you return to Japan with a reentry permit, you need a “notification of moving-in” within 14 days of your move after you set up a place to settle down. For this procedure, you will need your passport, your Resident Card.

Failure to comply with the above required procedures may result in penalties or the revocation of your resident status.