Immigration-related issues

[Question]We are a Japanese company interested in hiring foreigners. What do we need to know about procedures and formalities?


When hiring a foreigner, it is imperative that you check their status of residence, to make sure that you don’t employ them illegally. Check their passport and Residence Card for this information. Although no special permission is required to hire such foreigners, the company is still required to inform the Minister of Health, Labor, and Welfare (i.e. Hello Work) of the foreign prospective employee’s name, status of residence, and period of stay. (Except for those whose status of residence is “Special Permanent Resident,”  “Official” or “Diplomat.2)

A foreign worker is also protected under Japanese labor-related laws including Employment Security Law, Temporary Staffing Services Law, Labor Standards Law, Minimum Wage Law, Employment Insurance Law, Employees’ Pension Insurance Law, Industrial Safety and Health Law Workers’ Accident Compensation Insurance Law.

In order to avoid misunderstanding due to language, it is imperative to draw up a written form of labor contract in the language the foreign worker can understand. For details, please refer to Osaka Employment Service Center for Foreigners HP.