Employment insurance

[Question]I’ve lost my source of income when the company I worked for went bankrupt. Am I eligible for unemployment benefits?

Employment insurance provides temporary financial assistance for a worker who has lost their job due to bankruptcy, dismissal, mandatory retirement or personal reasons while they look for job. To receive unemployment benefits, you must be ready, willing and able to work, but are currently out of job.
Since you were forced to leave your place of work without enough time to prepare for reemployment due to bankruptcy or dismissal, you are categorized as a “specifically qualified beneficiaries.”
As long as you have worked 11 days or more in a month for a total of six months during the year preceding your loss of work, you are qualified to receive the benefits. The same relaxed rule goes for another group of unemployed people, including workers with a limited-term contract whose contract was not renewed and workers who resigned due to valid reasons. By contrast, in case of voluntary resignation or retirement, a worker must have been insured for a total of 12 months during the two years before their departure from work in order to receive benefits. To apply for unemployment benefits, you should go to the Hello Work office in your area.