National tax

[Question]I am an employee of a company. Do I have to file a final tax return?

You are required to file a final return even if your income tax is withheld from the source if;
1) you have income exceeding 200,000 yen in addition to your employment income,
2) you have income from more than two sources and the total amount of the income  exceeds 200,000 yen,
3) your employment income exceeds 20 million yen
4) you wish to file a medical expense deduction etc.

[Question]I have to file a final tax return, but I am going to leave Japan before year-end. How can I file a final tax return?

Final tax returns are to be filed from February 16 to March 15 every year. Since you leave Japan earlier than that period, you can designate a tax agent and notify his/her name to your tax office. The agent will handle your tax affairs after you have left Japan. In the absence of such an agent, however, you may file a quasi-final tax return with your tax office before your departure. For more information, please contact your tax office.