[Question]How can I obtain a license to drive a motorcycle in Japan? I’ve never had one back home.

The methods to obtain a license to ride a bike in Japan from scratch can differ depending on the kind of two-wheeler you wish to obtain a license for. For more details, please refer to Osaka Prefectural Police HP.

[Question]What is the paper work procedure in buying a second-hand car?

To change the ownership of a used car, you need to go to the local transport bureau or Motor Vehicle Inspection and Registration Office, which has jurisdiction over the place you drive your car in order to transfer the ownership on the car inspection certificate. Procedures can differ depending on the municipalities current and new owners reside.

For information on a light motor car, you can contact the Light Motor Vehicle Inspection Organization

[Question] How long an interntional driver's license valid?

An international driver’s license refers to a certain type of license issued by signatory nations to the Geneva Conventions. For an updated list of signatory nations, please refer to the National Police Agency HP.

<Period of Validity> An international driver’s license may be used if it is within its validity period, and if the bearer of the license has been in Japan for less than a year. However, if a foreign national residing in Japan, and who has completed Resident Registration leaves Japan and returns less than three months after departure, the return will not be recognized as landing in Japan anew; such a return does not begin a new one-year validity period. For more details, please refer to the National Police Agency HP.