Marriage procedure:To get married outside Japan

[Question] How can I marry a Japanese national outside Japan?

 There are two possibilities for procedures to be undertaken in cases in which a Japanese national is marrying a foreigner in the foreigner’s home country, or in a third country.

 <Procedures mandated by the foreign country in which the wedding occurs> Submit the necessary notification documents in the foreign spouse’s country, or the country where the wedding is taking place. Usually both spouses need to procure and submit the documents requested. After submitting the local marriage notification, the Japanese spouse should notify the Japanese embassy/consulate, or mail the document directly to the municipality where his/her domicile is registered in Japan. This procedure must be completed within three months of the marriage. Any documents in foreign languages need an accompanying Japanese translation.

 <Procedures mandated by Japan> Mail the necessary documents directly to the municipality where the Japanese spouse is registered. Note, however, that any error in the documents may result in the notification not being processed. The necessary documents are the same as for Japanese nationals marrying foreigners in Japan.

 <The “certificate of eligibility to contract marriage” for Japanese nationals> A Japanese national can request this certificate by submitting a certified copy of their family registration, from the Legal Affairs Bureau of his/her residence, and a Japanese embassy/consulate general overseas.

For details, please see Civil Affairs Bureau of Justice Ministry HP.