[Question]I’m worried that I may have contracted HIV. Where can I get tested?

The result will be notified to you about one week after the examination. To obtain a reliable test result, it is advisable you wait 3 months after infection to be tested since HIV antibody formation takes 6 to 8 weeks. You can get tested for the AIDS causing Human Immune-deficiency Virus (HIV) at no charge at a local public health center without disclosing your name.

Osaka Prefectural Government/ Department of Public Health and Medical Affairs/Public Health and Medical Administration Office/Medical Administration Division  06-6944-9156

You can also get AIDS examinations free of charge at the following sites:
Communication Hub of testing, counseling and support (chotCAST 06-4708-5035) .
Smart Life Net  (chotCAST 06-4708-5339) .

[Question]I think I am afflicted with depression. How can I find a psychiatrist?

When you are mentally unstable because of unfamiliar circumstances in Japan and some other reasons, and are seeking treatment at mental institutions, you can consult at the following places for referrals.

Public health centers in your area
Osaka Prefecture Mental Health Center
Osaka Municipal Mental Health Center
Sakai Municipal Mental Health Center

You can also access online Osaka Medical Institution Information System for psychiatric hospitals and clinics information at Osaka Medical Information System.