Vaccination・Medical examination

[Question]I want to get inoculations for my overseas travel. Where can I get one?

You need to get inoculation before traveling abroad where an international inoculation certificate (so called yellow card) is required. Even if it is not required, getting inoculation is helpful to protect you from being infected overseas. You can ask medical institutions or Quarantine Office whether or what kind of inoculation you should get before you travel overseas. Inoculations are not covered by public health insurance and the cost can vary depending on medical institutions.

Institutions where you can get inoculated in Osaka:
Osaka Quarantine Office: 06-6571-3522
Kansai International Quarantine Office: 072-455-1283
Inoculation Center/Osaka Medical Association 06-6768-1486
Infectious Disease Center/Osaka Municipal General Hospital :06-6929-1221
Osaka International Airport Medical Center 06-6856-6485