Pension system

[Question]I have been paying premiums for employees’ pension for 6 years now, but I have to return to my country. Can I have lump-sum reimbursement?

 A foreign national enrolled in the Japanese employees’ pension scheme for six months or longer can apply for lump-sum withdrawal payments after leaving Japan. The amount of payment is determined in accordance with the period of enrollment for up to three years.

1) The applicant does not posses Japanese citizenship.
2) The applicant has paid Employees’ pension contributions for a total of six months or longer.  
3) The applicant does not have a place of residence in Japan
4) The applicants has never been qualified for receiving pension benefits including Disability Allowance

To receive the payments, send a claim form for the lump-sum withdrawal payments together with the following documents to the Japan Pension Service within two years of your departure.

Photocopy of your passport   
Your pension handbook 
Document showing details of your bank account

You can get updated information on how to calculate your benefit amount at the in various languages at Japan Pension Service HP.

[Question ]Which countries have bilateral social security pension agreements with Japan?

Japan has drawn up bilateral social security pension agreements with a number of nations, with the aim of preventing double-enrolment and allowing workers to count their enrollment in the system of one country in their period of coverage in another. Details of the agreement vary from country to country. For updated information, please refer to Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare HP.