About OFIX


Osaka Foundation of International Exchange
Chairman Hidetaka Yoshikawa

Along with the rapid increase of foreign travelers and lengthening the stay of foreign residents, OFIX actively works on improving the multilingual support system for foreign people in Osaka.

Our special priorities are Expansion of Consultations for Foreigners and Strengthening of Disaster-related Multilingual Support, as the main goals of our Mid-term Management Plan, a five-year plan beginning from fiscal year 2018.

In response to the revision of the Immigration Control Act in 2019, we increased the number of support languages for our Consultations for Foreign Residents to offer specialist consultations and extended operation hours of the Osaka Free Multilingual Consultation Service.

In order to realize the Strengthening of Disaster-related Multilingual Support, we recruit and train disaster-related volunteer interpreters/translators by signing a collaboration agreement with universities and related organizations. We have also improved the mutual disaster support system with municipal governments or international organizations, including Kinki Council of Local Authorities for International Relations. In 2019, we developed a website where foreign travelers can obtain comprehensive and essential information and a mobile application which can provide emergency disaster information through push notifications. We have started to operate the “Osaka Prefectural Volunteer Tourism Guide” program to train volunteers who want to help international travelers get to know Osaka and enjoy their stay. We also train the guides to offer emergency multilingual information incase of disasters.

Furthermore, we delivered a Multilingual Support Course for businesses serving foreign travelers 10 times in 2019, and will continue to conduct the course in 2020.

Japan draws attention from all over the world as it will host the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. Osaka will hold Osaka/Kansai Expo in 2025 and has developed concrete plans. Therefore, Osaka will undoubtedly see further growth in the number of international visitors and residents.

OFIX will play an important role to make Osaka Prefecture Safe, Secure and Comfortable for foreign people working with volunteers, municipal governments and enterprises.

We will strengthen our financial base and increase our efforts to become an essential service provider for our multicultural society. For this we ask for your support and cooperation.


Establishment of OFIX as a Corporate Foundation
Office (Twin 21 MID Tower)
Opening of the OFIX International Exchange Plaza
Office (Sakura Morinomiya Bldg.)
Started operations and management of the Orion International House after Osaka Prefecture lent the facilities to OFIX
Office (Rinku Gate Tower Bldg.)
Obtained Orion International House from Osaka Prefecture, started to manage it.
Office (MyDome Osaka)
Recognized as a Public Interest Incorporated Foundation by the Osaka Prefecture Governor

Foundation Outline

Corporate Name
Osaka Foundation of International Exchange (OFIX)
Representative of the Board of Directors
Chairman Hidetaka Yoshikawa
Supervising Government Agency
Osaka Prefectural Government, Osaka Promotion Bureau, Department of Civic and Cultural Affairs
April 1, 2012 became a Public Interest Incorporated Foundation
OFIX was founded to contribute to the development of Osaka Prefecture as an international metropolis as well as to support international friendship between residents of Osaka, by promoting internationalization and international exchange.
2,200,182,810 yen
3 Basic Pillars of Activities
  1. Promoting the Acceptance of Foreigners and Improving Living Environment for Foreign Residents
    Provide useful information and advice to foreign residents and train and dispatch OFIX volunteer interpreters/translators. By doing so, we promote improvement of multilingual support services for foreign residents.
    Also, improve the system of mutual support and collaboration with municipal governments or international organizations by providing multilingual information in case of disaster.
  2. Global Human Resources Development
    Develop global human resources in order to support multicultural coexistence by dispatching foreign supporters to elementary, junior high and high schools for cross-cultural awareness education.
  3. Dissemination of International Exchange Information
    Gather and disseminate international exchange information and strengthen the network with related institutions in Osaka Prefecture.
    Provide information about our activities through the OFIX website, Facebook and OFIX News.


Osaka Foundation of International Exchange, Planning and Promotion Group