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OFIX website top page

URL for Japanese website
<New> URL for English website

Page views (monthly average for FY 2018)

Average about 9,150 page views/month in FY 2018

  • The average number above was calculated by adding pages views of Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean pages.
  • This is number is for reference only. OFIX does does not guarantee a certain number of page views.

Advertisement Insertion Fee (excluding tax)

Japanese page
¥10,000/month per frame
English page
¥5,000/month per frame

Available Discount

  1. If you post your banner advertisements on both Japanese and English pages, the total insertion fee will be reduced by 25%.
    <For example>:<Japanese page ¥10,000+English page ¥5,000>*75%=¥11,250/month
  2. Corporate supporter with an OFIX Supporting Membership, you will receive an additional 50% discount.

Advertisement insertion contract period etc.

  • The insertion contract period for the Banner Advertisement is one month, from the first to the last day of the month.
  • Advertisers can choose the insertion period, however, we may not be able to offer certain periods due to high demand.
  • The advertising period includes website downtimes for maintenance or other reasons.
  • You can request changes to your banner advertisement by submitting the designated form.

About Banner Advertisement Standard

Please create the banner based on the standard below.

  • Measurement (vertical) 50 pixel× (horizontal) 180 pixel
  • GIF or JPG format (Animated banner is available)
  • File Size is 30 KB or less
  • If you would like to post different banners on Japanese and English pages, please provide both.

We cannot accept advertisements from the following types of business:

Businesses that fall under article 3 of the Management Guidelines for Advertisement Insertion

We cannot acept the following types of advertisement:

Advertisements that fall under article 4 of the Management Guidelines for Advertisement Insertion

Advertisement banner contents

The advertiser shall take complete responsibility for the contents of their advertisement. Advertising does not imply endoresment by OFIX

Osaka Foundation of International Exchange, hereinafter referred to as "the Foundation", is looking for banner advertisement to insert on the homepage run and managed by the Foundation as follows.

How to apply

  1. Please fill out the Banner Advertisement Application Form and submit it to the Foundation with the relevant documents by fax or email at least one month before the requested date of insertion.
    To: Osaka Foundation of International Exchange, person in charge of Banner Advertisement FAX:06-6966-2401
  2. The Foundation shall inform the advertisers of approval or rejection of the advertisement insertion in our homepage by written notice of determination.
  3. After receiving the notice, the advertiser must pay the Advertisement Insertion Fee by the due date based on the Invoice issued by the Foundation.
    Furthermore, the insertion fee shall not be refunded after it has been paid.
  4. After we confirm the payment, the banner advertisement will be inserted.


  • You cannot decide the inserting position of the banner ads.
  • We may change the inserting position due to the lay out changes of the homepage.
  • Changes to advertisement scipts and links shall be implemented on the 15th of each month (if the Foundation is closed, on the previous business day).
    For more detail information, please see the Management Guidelines for Advertisement Insertion.
  • Advertisers accept full responsibility for the content of their advertisements.
  • The advertiser shall guarantee to the Foundation that the content of the advertisement does not infringe on third party rights, and that it owns all of the property right regarding of the advertisement.
  • The advertiser shall be responsible for all costs from third party claims for damages caused by the advertisement.

Contact Information for Banner Advertisement

Please feel free to contact us

Osaka Foundation of International Exchange
5th Floor, MyDome Osaka, 2-5 Hommachibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 540-0029

TEL:06-6966-2400 FAX:06-6966-2401
E-mail:Person in charge of banner advertising of OFIX homepage

Management Guidelines for Advertisement Insertion, Application form etc.


Osaka Foundation of International Exchange, Planning and Promotion Group