Disaster preparedness and response

Osaka Prefectural Multilingual Disaster Support Center

Osaka Prefecture and OFIX have agreed to establish the Osaka Prefectural Multilingual Disaster Support Center to provide helpful multilingual support to foreign residents of Osaka Prefecture during any large-scale disasters.
Based on the agreement, Osaka Prefecture and OFIX will jointly set up and operate the Center when a disaster occurs.

Main Roles of the Multilingual Disaster Support Center

Collect and translate disaster information disseminated by official sources, render it into different languages and provide multilingual information to foreign disaster victims through the OFIX Facebook page and other means

You can read the multilingual information posted on the OFIX Facebook page after the big earthquake hit the northern area of Osaka Prefecture in June 2018

Provide a range of foreign language advice and support to non-Japanese affected by disaster

Multilingual Telephone Counseling

We will set up a new inquiry line different from the Osaka Information Service for Foreign Residents (Consultation 06-6491-2297).

Diagram of the Osaka Prefectural Multilingual Disaster Support Center (Japanese Only)

In 2019 OFIX conducted two drills for the Multilingual Disaster Support Center.

On Jan 11 2019 OFIX conducted a drill for its "Multilingual Disaster Support Center" together with Kinki Region Liaison Council of Local Associations for International Relations.


We conducted multilingual telephone counseling training. Participants provided multilingual consultations using a three-way call with interpreters (in English this time).
We also conducted a multilingual information dissemination drill. Volunteers learned how to prioritize information selected by OFIX, based on its importance to non-Japanese speakers affected by the disaster. They created a Japanese source text in Japanese based on their priority ranking, and translated it into multiple languages (English, Tagalog and Korean this time) and simple Japanese.

The media were on site covering the story on the day. Everyone worked with serious expressions in a vibrant atmosphere.

On Jan 17 2019 International Affairs Division of Osaka Prefecture and OFIX conducted a drill for the Osaka Prefectural Multilingual Disaster Support Center.


Osaka Prefecture has conducted an earthquale and tsunami disaster drill annually on January 17th, the date of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake. This year, we translated disaster information into multiple languages and posted them on Facebook for the scenario of the Nankai Trough Earthquake occurring at 9:30 am, the Osaka Prefectural Multilingual Disaster Support Center was set up by staff of the Prefectural International Affairs Division and OFIX.

Though we discovered a need to make more specific rules such as how to name a file based on the manual, we were able to apply our experience from previous drills to translate information into 14 languages in a short time.

We regularly conduct practice drills and prepare for effective operations in times of disaster.

Emergency Guide for Foreigners

Emergency Guide for Foreigners (Earthquake)

This guidebook is written in nine languages (English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Filipino, Thai and Japanese) and intended for foreign residents in Osaka. It summarizes what preparations you should make to prepare for an earthquake and what you should do in the event of an earthquake.

*Note: Regarding the section in the booklet "How to Confirm the Safety of Someone":

The usage of the "①NTT Disaster Emergency Message Dial (171)" was changed in May 2016. Please refer to the PDF below (in English/Japanese).

Emergency Guide for Foreigners (Earthquake) Published by: Council of Local Authorities for International Relations Osaka Prefectural Government Branch Office)

Osaka Prefectural Government's International Affairs Division has created a "Emergency Guide for Foreigners (Earthquake)" in multiple languages. This booklet is for foreign residents, and may also be used as a model for municipalities to use when developing their own emergency guides. You can download it below:

December 2016 Revision

November 2017 Revision

Disaster Emergency Message Dial (171)

NTT's Disaster Emergency Message Dial (171) service allows you to record and play back voice messages using a telephone (fixed land-line, payphone) to confirm the safety of yourself and others after a large-scale disaster.

  • You may be able to use your mobile phone or PHS to call 171, but please check with your telecommunications provider for details.
  • Each voice message is up to 30 seconds and will be stored until the end of the service.
  • There are basically no usage or call fees. However, please check with your telecommunications provider if you are not with NTT.

The following instructions on Disaster Emergency Message Dial (171) are effective as of May 2016. Since it is subject to change, please check the NTT West/NTT East websites for the latest information.


Foreign Language Support in Times of Disaster

You can find past articles, posted on Facebook after the Northern Osaka Earthquake on June 18, using the link below.

Earthquake Occurred

An Earthquake Occurred (1)

Multilingual Consultation

OFIX Offers Multilingual Information and Consultation

Telephone & Mail Address
Mail Address

Free Emergency Disaster Interpreting Service over the phone by Bricks Corporation



Osaka Gas "How to reset a gas meter"


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Information related to deep vein thrombosis (Economy Class Syndrome)

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Disaster Information from Osaka Prefecture

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Multicultural Information of the surrounding area of epicenter


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