Sakai International Hall (Orion International House)

Vacant Rooms (as of Jun.7)

4 rooms for males
1 rooms for females

Introduction Video of Orion House

Location of Orion House

Dormitory Information

Dormitory room
Dormitory room
Common room
Common room
Exercise area
Exercise area
Building Site Are
1,984.9m 2
Total Building Floor Space
2,866.9m 2
Supervisor Facility 
Dormitory Manager Office
Common facilities
Common room, meeting room, study room, kitchen (gas stove, water heater, sink, washing machine and dryer) etc.
Living facilities
85 rooms (2nd floor: 30 rooms, 3rd floor: 30 rooms, 4th floor: 15 rooms, 5th floor: 10 rooms) Each room is 17 m 2 and equipped with a unit bath (bath tub, shower, toilet, sink), air conditioner, desk and chair, bed, refrigerator, etc.
* Each resident must organise internet access directly with providers.


2018 Welcome Party!

We held our annual welcome party to help foster friendships between Orion residents and members of the local community, with 58 people participating in the event.
Members from Sakai Goryodaiko came and played Japanese taiko drums with the residents for the second time, resulting in a fun atmosphere.

Welcome Party
Welcome Party
Welcome Party

2017 Winter Party

Our local exchange event last winter attracted 55 participants.
After a greeting from the chairman of Higashi Uenoshiba-cho Residents Association and information about crime prevention from Sakai City Kita Police Station, the dormitory manager and residents performed rakugo, to the surprise of the guests.
We also did self-introductions and played bingo. These activities helped create a relaxed, homelike environment for the party.

Winter Party
Winter Party
Winter Party

Introducing the Orion Tutors 2022

Our tutors plan and run events in the dormitory, and are on hand to assist the dormitory manager and help consult their fellow residents if necessary.
They will organise various events at Orion International House this year, including events that help students with their daily life.


Qualifications for Residency / Application

To become a resident you must:

  1. Be a foreign student currently enrolled at a graduate school, university, junior college, or technical college (kōtō-semmon-gakkō) as stipulated in Article 1 of the School Education Act, or alternatively a foreign student currently enrolled at a vocational school (senshu-gakkō-semmon-katei) or the Osaka Japanese Language Education Center as stipulated in paragraph 2 of Article 126 of the same Act.
  2. Plan to live by yourself.
  3. Be doing well academically and have a healthy lifestyle, but have had difficulty in securing housing.
  4. Preference will be given to those studying in Japan at their own expense.
  5. Period of Residence: Up to two years
  6. Rent: 26,000 yen/month
    ※The cost will be changed to 33,000 yen from April 2022.
    ※If you move in after March 21st 2022, the monthly room charge will be 33,000 yen.
  7. To Apply: Students must apply through their enrolled university etc. and provide a letter of recommendation from their school.
  • Please apply at the International Student Office at your school.
  • If you would like to apply, please submit the following Moving-in Application Form (Form 1) and Medical Certificate (Form 2) to your student office and receive a recommendation from your head of school.
  • Once you have prepared the necessary documents, please have your school submit them together with the letter of recommendation (Form3).
    ※If you move in after March 21st 2022, you will not need to provide a medical certificate.


Osaka Foundation of International Exchange, Planning and Promotion Group