Free Rentals

World Kit

OFIX has a free World Kit to lend out for Cross-Cultural Awareness Education!

OFIX offers a World Kit for loan, including national costumes, commodities and toys for Cross-Cultural Awareness Education.

World Kit

All items for each country are shown in the pictures below.

List of World Kits (Japanese only)

Available for

  1. Elementary, Junior high, High schools in Osaka Prefecture
  2. Public Organizations in Osaka Prefecture

Lending Fee

Free of charge. Please cover delivery costs if applicable.

If you lose or break items in the World Kit, please let us know promptly. Compensation may be required. In case of ① wear or ② stains to the national costume, please return it after dry cleaning.

How to Borrow

Please fill out the form and submit to OFIX by fax or email at least two weeks before the requested date of use.

Please support us by donating foreign goods!
*Goods other than those from Japan

  • Something written in foreign language such as brochures, textbooks, newspaper, magazines, cartoons
  • Something traditional like ethnic costume and folk crafts
  • Paper money, coins and stamps
  • Toys, Goods and other articles


Osaka Foundation of International Exchange (OFIX), Planning and Promotion Group
5th Floor, MyDome Osaka, 2-5 Hommachibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 540-0029

TEL:06-6966-2400 FAX:06-6966-2401

National Flag Lending

At OFIX, we offer national flags for loan, including hoisting flags, desk flags with desk stands, to schools or international exchange organizations for International Exchange Activities or events. If you would like to borrow a flag, please fill out the form and submit to OFIX.
Some of the items may be lent out or unavailable, so please contact us before your request.

Flags for loan

  • Desk Flag (18×12)
  • Desk Flag Stand (For 1 flag, 2 flags, 3 flags)
  • Hoisting Flag (200×100)
  • Hoisting Flag(135×90)
National flag

Period for Acceptance

From two months to three days before the event

Lending Period

Maximum two weeks

How to Request

  1. Download World Flag Lending Form (PDF)
  2. Bring the filled form to OFIX or send by Fax.
    Acceptance and return of items must occur at the OFIX office.The use of postal mail or parcel delivery service is not allowed.

Lending Fee

Free of charge

National flag
National flag
National flag
National flag
National flag
National flag
National flag
National flag
National flag
National flag
National flag
National flag

*Please be careful not to damage or stain items as borrowers have to cover the cost of buying new ones or cleaning if needed.


Osaka Foundation of International Exchange, Planning and Promotion Group