Collaboration with municipalities

Establishment of help desk for foreign residents at municipal governments

Following the recent revision to the Immigration Control Law in April and newly introduced “designated skills” visa from April, and various international events that are planned to be held in Osaka, we expect to see an increase in the number of foreign visitors and residents in Japan.

Osaka is ranked the 3rd in number of foreign residents following Tokyo and Aichi in Japan. It was home to more than 230,000 foreigners from about 160 countries/regions as of the end of 2018. Foreign residents have a wide range of nationalities, led by Chinese, Vietnamese, Philippine and Thai. We beieve that offering foreign resident counseling in their community is one of the important pillars of a welcoming environment for foreign residents.

Foreign Resident Counselling Service is considered to be one of the most important local government services for foreign residents.

OFIX's Support for the establishment

OFIX offers various support services to the person in charge of municipal governments considering the establishment of a help desk for foreign resident.

Content Aim Other
Counselor training Aimed that counsellors of municipal governments to share information and strengthen collaboration to respond to the needs of foreign residents.
Jointly Sponsored Consultations for Foreign Residents OFIX supports local governments with funds, know-how and human resources, lack of wich can create obstacles. PR is also more effective if two or more groups collaborate to conduct public activities. These will be held for three years from 2018 until 2020.
Osaka Information Service for Foreign Residents offers information and advice in 11 languages, including Japanese. A Guide for Daily Living for foreigners who live in Osaka, "Essentials for living in Osaka" and FAQ is also available.
Osaka Information Service for Foreign Residents
Dispatching Interpreters/Translators Dispatch of multilingual volunteer interpreters/translators to requesting public organizations (Upon request).

Help Desks in Osaka Prefecture


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