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What's New

¥100,000 COVID-19 Payout.

On April 20, 2020, information regarding the ¥100,000 COVID-19 Payout was released on the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications homepage. See below for an English translation of the basic outline of the payout process, eligibility requirements, etc.
○ Am I eligible to receive this payout?
・Eligible Recipient: any individual who is on the basic resident register as of April 27, 2020
・Beneficiary: head of household (receives benefits on behalf of whole family)
*Foreign nationals who have lived in Japan for at least 3 months with a residence card, and who have registered their address at the local municipal office will be counted as Eligible Recipients, and as such are eligible to receive the payout.

○How much is the payout?
・¥100,000 per eligible recipient

○How do I apply? And how will I receive the payout?
(1)Application by Postal Mail: fill in the application form (sent to all Beneficiaries from local municipal offices) with your bank account information, and mail the form along with documents verifying your bank information and identity to your local municipal office.
(2)Online Application (My Number Cardholders): apply online by entering your bank account information into the MynaPortal site, and uploading documents verifying your bank information.

○When will the application forms be sent out?
・To be decided by local municipal governments.
・Applications will be accepted for 3 months after the initial starting date (which may vary by local municipal government)


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