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What's New

The Census is being conducted between September 14 and October 20,2020.

The Census is being conducted between September 14 and October 20,2020.
The results of the Census will be used for measures such as city planning to make life easier for foreign residents.
The Census covers everyone that has lived or plans to live in Japan for three months or longer, regardless of nationality.
Everyone that is covered is legally obliged to respond, so please be sure to do so.
Your responses will only be used to create statistics and will not be used in any way for immigration control, police investigations, or other such purposes.
If you are not sure how to fill out the Census or if you have not received the Census Survey Documents, please contact the Census Call Center.

Census Call Center: 0570-07-2020

Period: Monday, September 7 to Saturday, October 31
Reception Hours: 8:00am to 9:00pm

*The operator will respond in Japanese, but foreign language support is also available.

Please stay alert for various forms of census scams. Census takers don’t ask for money, your bank account password nor credit card number. Watch out for suspicious visitors, phones, email, websites, that pose as census taking operation.
You can respond either online or by paper. Online response can be made in English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Spanish and Portuguese. Paper survey comes in 27 languages.


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