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What's New

COVID-19 Update (From December 27th onwards)

There is a risk of infections rising again so, please follow the below guidelines.

Please consider getting vaccinated as soon as possible. (Including children) Influenza is expected to spread in tandem with COVID-19. Please consider getting vaccinated for that as well.
When visiting elderly who reside in retirement homes and other assisted living facilities in person, please make sure to take infection prevention measures.
Those that live with elderly, or often meet with elderly persons, avoid crowded areas as much as possible.
Be diligent with infection prevention measures such as mask wearing, hand washing and making sure any place you are at is well ventilated. If you leave Osaka Prefecture to travel etc., be diligent with preventing infection.
Avoid establishments like restaurants or izakaya that are not taking appropriate infection prevention measures.
At your work place in the changing or break rooms keep your mask on when having conversations.

The elderly are particularly in danger if infected. Please, take all the necessary precautions to prevent infections and save lives.
Depending on how infections spread, these guidelines can change so please take caution.


Osaka Foundation of International Exchange, Planning and Promotion Group