About Cross-Cultural Awareness Education Support

At OFIX, we register foreign residents and international students as supporters, and dispatch them to elementary, junior high or high schools in Osaka Prefecture to give cross-cultural awareness education classes.
With the aim to deepen the students’ understanding of different cultures, supporters introduce fresh perspectives by introducing their country’s culture, history, traditional dances, traditional instruments and games.

Cross-Cultural Awareness Education FAQs

Who are foreign supporters?
Foreign residents such as international students or workers living in Osaka.
97 Supporters from 24 countries/regions are registered. (As of 31 Mar 2019)
Maximum number of supporters per a visit is 5. Each supporter has a lesson at a class, and maximum number of lessons is two for a supporter.
What can they teach?
Example Lessons and Activities
  1. Introducing culture (clothing, food, lifestyle, language, sports etc.) and history from their home countries
  2. Practical Learning such as cross-cultural learning through traditional dances, playing instrumental and games from their home countries
  3. Presentation on set topics including the environment, economy and education
How much are supporters paid?
Of the honorarium paid to supporters (6000 yen per person per visit), requesting schools are required to pay 3000 yen per supporter per visit.

2018 Satisfaction rating is 94*According to the surveys of teachers and students

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List of all foreign supporters' countries/regions

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Request for Supporters

SchoolInquire by Telephone

Date and time, number of supporters and lesson content etc.

SchoolSubmission of Application

Please fill out the form with your desired conditions (date and time, number of supporters, lesson content, country/region of supporters etc.) and submit to OFIX by fax or email at least one month before the requested date of visit.

OFIXIntroduction of Foreign Supporters

OFIX will inform schools of their supporters as soon as they have been finalized. Attempts will be made to dispatch supporters who match the requesting schools' wishes, but this may be difficult in some cases due to lesson content and scheduling issues.

SchoolOFIXPre-Lesson Meeting

In principle OFIX staff will hold a preparatory meeting with the requesting school. In some cases, however, this will take place directly between the supporter and the person in charge of the requesting school.


SchoolLesson Report and Survey Submission

Please submit the lesson report (for teachers) and the student surveys within one week after the lesson has finished.

SchoolSupporter Payment

After the lesson finishes, requesting schools are required to pay (3000 yen per supporter per visit). The total cost will be outlined in the invoice issued by OFIX and sent to the requesting school following the completion of the lesson.

Would you like to become a foreign supporter?

Aiming to deepen the students' understanding of different cultures, OFIX registers supporters who can visit schools in Osaka Prefecture to introduce their country’s culture, history, traditional dances, performing the traditional instruments and games with the Daiyukyo Foundation of International Exchange. Assistance and Research(FIXAR).
For each visit, supporters receive 6000 yen (transportation and tax incl.) as honorarium.

*FIXAR is an International Exchange Foundation which works on scholarship projects, crime prevention awareness-raising activities, corporate inspections and activities of experiencing Japanese culture.

Who can become a supporter?

  1. You must be a foreign national who lives, works or studies in Osaka Prefecture
  2. You wish to introduce your country at schools in Osaka Prefecture
  3. You are able to give a presentation in Japanese. (Equivalent to JLPT N4 or higher)

*You may need shikakugai-katsudo-kyoka (permission to engage in activity other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted) depending on your status of residence.

Applications and Inquiries

If you want to become a supporter and fulfill the requirements listed above, please fill in the application below and send it to OFIX via FAX or email.


Osaka Foundation of International Exchange, Planning and Promotion Group