Register as a Volunteer

Number of registered volunteers:

Over 350

Would you like to join OFIX together to do multicultural coexistence projects?

Volunteer Insurance

All volunteers who will participate in the activities of this system will be insured by the Social Welfare Service Corporation Osaka Social Welfare Council's "Volunteer Activities Insurance" (Personal accident insurance, public liability insurance) just in case something happens during the activity. Processing and fees will be taken care of by OFIX or the requesting organization.


The Volunteer activities through this system are carried out in the goodness and free will of the registered volunteers and are basically unpaid. Transportation and other expenses incurred through the volunteer activities may not be paid by the requesting organization, depending on their regulations. It is advised that you clarify this beforehand.

a Language Volunteer

Number of registered Language Volunteers:


Requirements to apply:

18 years old and older

People who are interested in and enthusiastic about international exchange/activities to support foreigners

People who can participate in volunteer activities in Osaka

Volunteer Interpreters/Translators in times of disaster

Number of registered Volunteer Interpreters/Translators in times of disaster:

Over 210

OFIX enlists volunteers who can interpret or translate at central support facilities set up in a disaster area (including remote interpretation/translation)

Guide to the Volunteer Interpreters/Translators in times of disaster system

Activity Details

Operation and recruitment of volunteers is conducted based on the Multilingual Support System in times of disaster are established by the Kinki Council of Local Authorities for International Relations, which is composed of 5 Prefectures and 4 designated cities.

Interpretation and translation activities will be conducted at central support facilities, such as Multilingual Support Centers, which would be set up in a disaster area (basically limited to within the Kinki area) after an earthquake or any large-scale disaster. It also includes remote interpretation/translation at your house etc.

When the Kinki Council of Local Authorities for International Relations is requested to support an area outside the Kinki region where a large-scale disaster has occurred, your assistance will be required.

Volunteer insurance and transportation fees will be paid as required by the dispatching association based on their own standards, but honorarium for the activities would not be paid.

You will be asked to participate in a training held once a year to improve your skills as a volunteer.


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