Request volunteers

Organizations that can make requests

Aside from activities directly related to projects OFIX is implementing, volunteers can be requested for non-profit projects, meetings, and similar events.

  • National and local public bodies and related institutions
  • Public organizations that conduct international exchange and cooperation activities
  • Other non-profit foundations
  • Organizations that fall under the above categories, but have their headquarter overseas, must have a branch or representing entity in Japan
    (It is necessary that the accepting entity is an organization and not an individual)

However, please note that even if a request is made by any of the organizations mentioned above, volunteer activities cannot be requested in the following cases.

  • Language volunteers: For medical interpretation and legal interpretation

If you like to know the languages spoken by our language volunteers, please refer to the Registered Volunteer Numbers(as of 31th March 2018—Japanese only)

Request procedure

ApplicantSubmit the request form one month before you would like a response

Submit the request form together with related documents one month before you would like to be informed whether a volunteer can be sent or not.

  • Please note that the response day is not the day of volunteer activity
  • In case of emergency, please contact us before application

OFIXRecruiting Volunteers

If the request is considered to be eligible, a call will be made to registered volunteers who match the requirements of the request and the requesting organization will be informed by the response day if there are any volunteers who would be available.

OFIXNotice of outcome

If the request is not deemed to be eligible or if there are no available volunteers, the requesting organization will be contacted by the response day.

ApplicantOrientation regarding details of the activity

If necessary, the organization requesting the volunteer will hold an orientation for the volunteer to discuss the details of the event.

When the volunteer has been decided and there are changes in the activity, please inform the volunteer and OFIX of the changes immediately.

ApplicantVolunteer Insurance (see below for details regarding bearing of expenses)

To prepare for any unexpected accident during a volunteer activity through this system, the volunteer has to be covered by the "Volunteer Activity Insurance" (Personal accident insurance, public liability insurance)of the Social welfare Service Corporation Osaka Social Welfare Council. Enrollment procedures and payment of fees will be discussed depending on the content of the activity, the time period, the number of volunteers, etc.

ApplicantAfter the volunteer activity, please submit the Activity Completion Report to OFIX as soon as possible.


  • In the case that a number of volunteers are necessary, please discuss the activity with OFIX beforehand as early as the planning stage.
  • If a large number of volunteers are requested, matching must be conducted by the requester..
  • The organization requesting the volunteer will hold an orientation for the volunteer in advance to discuss the details of the event, points to which attention should be paid, and the handling of expenses.
  • Please manage properly and secure the personal information of the volunteers. Please discard the personal information of the volunteers whom you did not request.
  • In the event that damages were caused to the requesting organization by the non-performance of the volunteer, neither OFIX nor the volunteer will be liable for compensation.
  • Information about the Volunteer System is also explained in the Pamphlet explaining the Volunteer System (Japanese only).

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