Essentials for Living in Osaka Table of Contents

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ⅠEmergency MeasuresPrint Out【PDF File】
1. Emergency Telephone Numbers
2. In Case of Emergency (Fire, Sudden Sickness, and Crime)
Fire; Sudden Illness, Injury & etc.; Crime Victim, Phoning for Assistance; Body Parts
3. Precautions against Natural Disasters
Typhoon, Earthquake, Collecting Information on Natural Disasters; Evacuation Areass; Emergency Kit Lists
ⅡHealth and Medical CarePrint Out【PDF File】
1. Medical Care (Use of medical institutions)
Medical Care in Japan; Medical Institutions; Hospital Admission; Hospitals with Service in Foreign Languages Available; Injury or Sickness at Night or during Holidays; Medicine
2. Medical Insurance (National Health Insurance, Nursing Care Insurance, and others)
Medical Insurance in Japan; National Health Insurance; Latter-Stage Elderly Healthcare Insurance System; Nursing Care Insurance (Kaigo Hoken)
3. Health Management
Public Health Center (Hokenjo); Municipal Medical Health Center (Medical and Health Care)
Ⅲ Daily Life and HousingPrint Out【PDF File】
1. Looking for Housing
Applying for Prefectural Housing; Other Public Housing; Looking for Private Housing
2. Moving Out and Leaving Japan
Procedures at Your Old Residence before Moving; After Moving into a New Residence; When You Leave Japan
3. Water Service
Application; Water Rates; Points of Concern in Winter
4. Electricity
Electricity in Japan; Application for Water Service; Payment; Notice of the Amount of Electricity Used and Payment Receipts
5. Gas
Types of Gas; Gas Leakage; Gas Usage Notice and Payment Receipts
6. Garbage
Garbage Disposal; How to Dispose of Other Types of Garbage
7. Daily Life
Manners for Living in Japan; Consumer Affairs
8. When You Face Problems in life
Ⅳ Residency Management System・Basic Resident Registration System for Foreign Nationals・Marriage・DivorcePrint Out【PDF File】
1. Resident Card
Issuance of Resident Card; Procedures at Local Municipalities; Procedures at Regional Immigration Bureaus; The Basic Resident Registration Law Applies to Foreign Residents; Individual Number Card
2. Necessary Procedures for Residence in Japan
Reentry Permit (When you temporarily leave Japan); Extension of Period of Stay; Changing Residential Status from Current Permit Status; Permission to Engage in Activities Other Than Those Permitted by Your Current Status of Residence
3. Marriage
Marriage between a Japanese and a Foreign National; Marriage between Foreign Nationals; Changing Resident Status; Changing the Information on Your Residence Card; Other Changes
4. Divorce
When You Divorce; When You Do Not Consent to a Divorce; Residence Status after Divorce; Changing Items in Your Resident Registration
5. Death Notification
Death Notification; Burials
Ⅴ Public TransportPrint Out【PDF File】
1. Transport
Train(JR・Private Railways・Subway); Buses on Regular Routes; Taxi, Lost and Found Offices in Public Transportation
2. Bicycles
Purchasing a Bicycle; Where to Store Your Bicycle; When Your Bicycle Has Been Stolen; Do Not Ride Discarded Bicycles; Traffic Rules
3. Driver’s License
International License; Converting Your Foreign License to a Japanese Driver’s License; Obtaining a New Japanese Driver’s License; Translation of Foreign Licenses; Driving Rules in Japan
4. Common Street Signs
Ⅵ Pregnancy, Child Birth, Child Rearing, and EducationPrint Out【PDF File】
1. Pregnancy and Child Birth
When Pregnant; Costs; Assistance during Pregnancy; Child Birth
2. Day-care
Day-care in Japan; Private Services; Family Support Center; Child Benefits System
3. Health and Medical Care for Infants
Medical Care for Children; Vaccinations; Health Examinations (Kenkoshindan); Health Care Costs for Infants
4. Japanese Education System
Compulsory Education; Subsequent Education; Supporting Children/Students at School; Lunches (Bento); School Expense Benefit (allowance)
Ⅶ Information and TelecommunicationsPrint Out【PDF File】
1. Land-Line Telephone
Applying for New Telephone Service; Payment of Fees; Inquiry and Telephone Service
2. Mobile Phone
3. How to Make an International Call
4. Media
TV; Radio; Internet; Newspapers and Magazines; Libraries Offering Foreign Language Books and Magazines
Ⅷ Labor, Taxes , and Sending Money OverseasPrint Out【PDF File】
1. Looking for work
For Job-Hunting; International Students Searching for Work after Graduation; Searching for Specialist or Technical Work
2. Employment
Labor Conditions; Labor Standards; Labor Standards Inspection Office; Accidents on the Job ; Consultation Services; Employment Insurance
3. Taxes
How to Pay Your Taxes; Types of Taxes
4. Banks, Overseas Money Transfer
Banks; Post Office (Yubinkyoku); Overseas Money Transfer
5. Pension
Employee Pension Insurance; National Pension Plan; Lump-sum Withdrawal Payments
Ⅸ AppendixPrint Out【PDF File】
1. List of Relevant Organizations
Osaka Prefecture/Municipalities of Osaka Prefecture; National Institutions; List of International Exchange Associations in Osaka Prefectures
2. Consulting Services in Foreign Languages
3. Health and Medical Care
Emergency Medical Clinics; List of Public Health Centers; List of Public Health Centers, etc. /Osaka, Other Municipalities
4. Labor
List of Hello Work Offices in Osaka; Employment Service Center for Foreigners; Labor Standards Inspection Offices
5. List of Consulates-General (Kansai) and Embassies
Consulates-General and Consulates in Kansai; Embassies and Honorary Consulates (when no consulate-general in Kansai)

This handbook represents a collection of the most basic and essential matters necessary for non-Japanese to live, work, and raise a family in Osaka.
The content is correct as of September, 2022
The explanations offered are merely outlines; contact the related bodies for more detailed information. When not specifically noted, contacts given within the handbook only offer service in Japanese. Therefore it is recommended that you receive the assistance of an individual capable in Japanese when contacting these services.